Hometown Blues

Steve Earle

[A]I wish I’d never come back home
It don’t feel right since I’ve been [E] grown
[A]I can’t find any of my [D] old friends hangin’ round
Won’t [A] nothing bring you [E] down like your home [A] town

I [A]spent some time in New Orleans
I had to live on rice and [E] beans
I [A]hitched through Texas when the [D7]sun was beating down
[A]Won’t nothing bring you [E]down like your homet[A]own

[D]Home is where the heart is
[A]Ain’t that what they always say
[B7]My heart lies in broken pieces
[E]Scattered along the way

[A]So don’t think about me when I’m gone
I don’t mind travelling [E]alone
You [A]are the sweetest little [D]thing I ever found
[A]Won’t nothing bring you [E]down like your home[A]town

One verse instrumental
Repeat Chorus
Repeat Last Verse
Repeat Last Line