Country Roads

John Denver

[G]Almost heaven, [Em]West Virginia
[D]Blue Ridge Mountain, [C]Shenandoah [G]River
[G]Life is old there, [Em]older than the trees
[D]Younger than the mountains
[C]Growing like the [G]breeze.

[G]Country roads, take me [D]home
To the [Em]place, where I be[C]long
West Vir[G]ginia, mountain [D]momma
Take me [C]home, country r[G]oads.

[G]All my memories, [Em]gather round her
[D]Miners lady, [C]stranger to blue [G]water
[G]Dark and dusty, [Em]painted on the sky
[D]Misty tasting moonshine, [C]teardrop in my e[G]ye.


[Em]I hear her [C]voice, in the [G]morning hour she calls me
[C]Radio re[G]minds me of my [D]home far away
[Em]Driving down the [F]road, I get a [C]feeling that
I [G]should have been home [D]yesterday, yester[D7]day.

Chorus, chorus