”I Ain’t Leavin'” – Bert Deivert

This is Bert Deivert’s 14th album. He is well experienced from more than fifty years of playing, which you can tell from the swift handling of the various instruments, all except the fiddle played by himself. The fiddle is played by his wife, the well-known Swedish folk musician Eva Deivert. On two of the songs Bert is backed by his daughter Emmy Deivert on vocals. The album is recorded in their home-studio by Bert and his son Séamus Deivert, so it’s really a family affair. There are ten songs in all and all except one written and composed by Bert himself.

This is a low-key album, perfect for cozy day inside with a cup of tea, a blanket and dog. Bert Deivert is a real life story-teller and equally masters the guitar and the mandolin but later years has made him most famous for his mandolin playing. His great inspiration is the well-known mandolin player Yank Rachell to whom he also dedicates one of the songs. That song, the second, is also about Sleepy John Estes, another of Bert’s great inspirations, also playing quite low-key songs. The song with the strongest impact is number five, The Badge, a story about how his grand father was murdered in his duty as a police officer in Boston. Song number six has lyrics that many old hippies and backpackers can rely to. The Orient Express tells a tale of travelling to Afghanistan in the seventies. Number eight, I Heard The Dark Roads Calling is a song with the potential to become a classic. A beautiful melody to which Bert is telling about his struggle with avoiding being drafted to the Vietnam war in 1969. The album ends with a most beautiful song, I Can’t Feel At Home, where he is backed by his daughter Emmy Deivert.

Hard copies will be released on August 23rd. Order here: bdeivert@gmail.com or visit him on FB: http://www.facebook.com/BudDeivert

There will be 2 singles on Spotify first starting Aug 19th. and then the full album up by the first week of September.