John Henry


INTRO: D  A7  D  G  D  A7  D  D/C#  Bm  D  A7  D

Well John [D]Henry was a little baby 

Sittin’ on his daddy’s [A7]knee

He’d pick [D]up a hammer and a [G]little piece of steel

And cry [D]hammer’s gonna [A7]be the death of [D]me, [D/C#]lord [Bm]lord

[D]Hammer gonna [A7]be the death of [D]me


Now the [D]captain he said to John Henry

I’m gonna bring that steam drill a[A7]round

I’m gonna [D]bring that steam drill out [G]on these tracks

I’m gonna [D]knock that [A7]steel on [D]down, [D/C#]god  [Bm]god

I’m gonna [D]knock that [A7]steel on [D]down


John Henry told his captain

Lord a man ain’t nothin’ but a man

But ’fore I let that steam drill beat me down

I’m gonna die with a hammer in my hand, lord lord

Die with a hammer in my hand


John Henry drivin’ on the right side

That steam drill drivin’ on the left

Says ’fore I let your steam drill beat me down

I’m gonna hammer myself to death, lord lord

I’ll hammer my poor self to death


Well captain said to John Henry

What is that storm I hear

John Henry said that ain’t storm captain

That’s just my hammer in the air, lord lord

That’s just may hammer in the air


John Henry said to his shaker

Shaker why don’t you sing

’Cause I’m swingin’ thirty pounds from my hips on down

Yeah listen to my cold steel ring, lord lord

Listen to my cold steel ring


INTRO (2x)


That John Henry he hammered in the mountains

His hammer was strikin’ fire

But he worked so hard he broke his heart

John Henry laid down his hammer and died, lord lord

John Henry laid down his hammer and died


Well now John Henry he had him a woman

By the name of Polly Anne

She walked out to those tracks, picked up John Henry’s hammer

And Polly drove steel like a man, lord lord

Polly drove that steel like a man, oh


Oh now every, every Monday mornin’

When the bluebird, he begin to sing

You can hear John Henry from a mile or more

You can hear John Henry’s hammer ring, lord lord

You can hear John Henry’s hammer ring


You can [D]hear John [A7]Henry’s hammer [D]ring, [D/C#]lord [Bm]lord

You can [D]hear John [A7]Henry’s hammer [D]ring