Fare Thee Well Blues

Joe Calicott

Kenny Brown in Em

[Em]You told me in the fall you never had no man at all.
Fare thee, baby, [Bm]fare thee well. [B]
You [Em]told me in the fall you never [A]had no man at all.
Well, [Em]you got more men than a [B]two ton truck can [Em]haul. 

[Em]Told me to my face, had a good man in my place.
Baby oh, baby, fare [Bm]thee well. [B]
Now you[Em]Told me to my face, had a [A]good man in my place.
Lord now [Em]baby, oh baby [B]fare thee [Em]well. 

[Em]Told me in early spring, when the birds began to sing.
Baby oh, baby, [Bm]fare thee well.[B]
Now you[Em]Told me, early spring, when the [A]birds began to sing.

Well,[Em] it’s the last chance get to [B]be right here with [Em]me.

[Em]You told me in June, when the flowers began to bloom,
Fare thee, baby, [Bm]fare thee well. [B]
You[Em] told me early June, when the [A]flowers began to bloom,
You can’t do [Em]no better, ‘nother [B]good girl can take your [Em]room.

[Em]Well hoist you window let your curtain down.
Fare thee, baby, f[Bm]are thee well. [B]
Well [Em]hoist you window [A]let your curtain down.
Well, [Em]you kept tellin’ me,[B] be some joke a[Em]round. 

[Em]Go ‘n’ put on your nightgown, baby. Let me go lie down.
Fare thee, baby, [Bm]fare thee well.[B]
Go ‘n'[Em] put on your nightgown, baby, [A]let me go lie down.
Well it’s the[Em] last chance, shakin’ [B]in the bed with y[Em]ou.