The Tide Will Turn Again – Jesper Theis

Real old timey soulful foot-stompin’ acoustic blues! Jespers Theis raw and powerful voice, like vibrating sandpaper on your soul, opens up the album with the strong You Don’t Listen. Leaves no one untouched. Underskored by Jarno Varsteds harmonica. Intervowen is a couple of soft sensible songs that gives the listener a chance to catch his breath.

This is Jespers second album and all are scores by himself. Jesper had the idea of recording the album the way the music sounds without any overdubs. Therefore the whole album is recorded in one-takes with only one microphone using the old Blumlein technique with all the musicians around that one microphone recording the songs together. The recordings took place over a few days in PoolHouseStudio in Aalborg, Denmark. As is usual the case in Denmark, teh blues musicians help each other out, on stage as well as on albums. So here we find some familiar names:

  • Jesper Theis – Vocal, acoustic guitar, resonator and banjo
  • Tim Lothar – Dobro, acoustic guitar, accordion, and organ
  • Olav Gudnason – doublebass 
  • Jarno Varsted – Harp and electric guitar
  • Søren Lykkegaard – Drum and percussion

There are a couple of more tender songs as well like track 4, Blue Eyed Jane where Jesper show his talet for ballads as well. The other being track 10, Let Me Put Your Mind At Ease, that is touching the heart. The title song is Jesper as a story teller, also a soft one in contrast to track 6 Goin’ To The Rathole, a number with a politic message.

This album is a must for the lovers of acoustic blues!

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