St. James Infirmary Blues


Song begins at 2:30
Mack Djerf is missing

Intro:Instrumental Verse

[Am]It was down in [E7]old Joe’s [Am]Bar room, [E7]

On the [Am]corner [Dm]by the [Am]square,  [E7]

They were [Am]serving [E7]drinks as [Am]usual, [E7]

And [F]the usual [E7]crowd was [Am]there [E7]


[Am]On my left stood [E7]Big Joe Mc[Am]Kennedy [E7]

And his [Am]eyes were [Dm]bloodshot [Am]red [E7]

And he [Am]looked at the [E7]gang [Am]around him [E7]

[F]These were the [E7]very words he [Am]said: [E7]


[Am]I went down to [E7]St. James [Am]Infirmary [E7]

I [Am]saw my [Dm]baby [Am]there [E7]

She was [Am]stretched out on a [E7]long white [Am]table [E7]

[F]So pale, so [E7]cold, so [Am]fair [E7]


Instrumental verse


[Am]Seventeen [E7]coal-black [Am]horses [E7]

[Am]Hitched to a [Dm]rubber-tied hack [E7]

[Am]Seven girls [E7]goin’ to the [Am]graveyard [E7]

Only [F]six of them are [E7]comin’ [Am]back [E7]


[Am]Let her go, let her [E7]go, God [Am]bless her [E7]

[Am]Where ever [Dm]she may [Am]be [E7]

She may [Am]search this [E7]wide world [Am]over [E7]

And [F]never find a[E7]nother man like [Am]me [E7]


[Am]When I die, just [E7]bury [Am]me [E7]

In my [Am]high-top [Dm]Stetson [Am]hat [E7]

Put a [Am]twenty dollar [E7]gold piece on my [Am]watch chain [E7]

To let the [F]Lord know I [E7]died standing [Am]pat [E7]


Instrumental verse


I [Am]want six crap [E7]shooters for my [Am]pall bearers [E7]

A [Am]chorus girl to [Dm]sing me a [Am]song [E7]

Put a [Am]jazz band on [E7]my hearse [Am]wagon [E7]

To [F]raise hell as we [E7]roll a[Am]long [E7]


[Am]And now that you’ve [E7]heard my [Am]story [E7]

I’ll [Am]have another [Dm]shot of [Am]booze [E7]

And if [Am]anyone [E7]here should [Am]ask you [E7]

I’ve [F]got the [E7]gamblers [Am]blues


Instrumental verse