Poor Boy

Bukka White

Open D, Cross-note

Me and poor boy we were travellin’

Travellin’ a long way from home

Me and poor boy we got forlorn

We got pulled off and fell a’bound


My dear mother she got worried

When we were down on that lil’ farm

My mother she called that farm

And they told her they hadn’t seen felled abound


My dear mother got on the phone

And she called down on that little farm

When my mother talked to the sargeant

He wasn’t no have mercy on that bill


Well the sargeant told my mother

It would take two hundred dollar bills

We didn’t have no one

To come-and-go dollar bill


Poor boy he got worried

Poor boy cus and breakin’ down

I said “poor boy don’t worry

Our mother gonna get us out of prison bount”


Oh my mother she got worried

She couldn’t get them two hundred dollar bills

So early one Sunday morning

My mother she came down on that farm


Well the sargeant met my dear mother

He met her at the gate

My mother she told the sargeant

She didn’t even have no two hundred dollar bills


Well my mother she kneeled down

She kneeled down on her knees

Oh my mother told the sargeant

Would he please, sir, have mercy on poor me


My dear mother she started cryin’

Old sargeant he broke down

He said “feed boy please promise me

You will not hobo on my train.”


I said listen my brother poor boy

Don’t be worried and cryin’

Somebody, somebody somewhere

Gonna get us out of prison-bound.