New Speedway Boogie

Garcia / Hunter

[E]Please don’t dominate the / rap Jack, 

if you got / nothin’ new to say/

If / you please, don’t back / up the track, 

this train’s / got to run today/

I / spent a little time on the / [E7]mountain 

/[E]spent a little time on the hill /

I / heard some say, better / run away; 

oth/[G]ers say [D]better stand / [A]still

Now /[E]I don’t know but/ I been told 

it’s [G]hard /to [D]run with the / [A]weight of gold

/[E]Other hand, I /heard it said it’s [G]just /as [D]hard with a /[A]weight of lead/ [A] /[A]

Who/ [E]can deny, who / can deny

it’s not/ just a change in style/ [E] /

/One step done and an/other begun, 

and I won/der how many mi/les.

I /[E]spent a little time on the/ [E7]mountain

/[E]spent a little time on the hill/

Things /went down, we don’t/ understand,

But I [G]think/ in [D]time we [A]will/ [A]

Now, I /[E]don’t know, but /I was told 

in the/ [G]heat of the [D]sun a man/ [A]died of cold.

/[E]Keep on comin’ or /stand and wait 

with the/ [G]sun so [D]dark and the/ [A]hour so late/ [A] /

/[A]  You/ [E]can’t overlook the /lack, Jack, 

of an/y other highway to ride/

It’s/ [E]got /no signs or di/viding lines, 

and ve/ry few rules to guide/   

I /spend a little time on the/ [E7]mountain,

/[E]Spend a little time on the hill/

I /saw things getting /out of hand,

I [G]guess/they [D]always/ [A]will.

Now /[E]I don’t know but/ I’ve been told 

if the/ [G]horse don’t [D]pull you got to

/[A]carry the load.

/[E]I don’t know who’s/ back’s that strong; 

/[G]maybe find [D]out be/[A]fore too long / [A] /[A]

|:/[E]One way or an/other, /one way or an/other, 

/One way or an/other, this dark/ness got to give/:|