My Wife Went Away And Left Me

Charlie Poole

3/4 A Capo 2

[G]My wife went away and she left me

Out in this wide world [D7]alone

Sadness and gladness she left me

She left a doggone good [G]home

I wrote her a letter last Tuesday

Sealed it with a [C]kiss

The answer came [G]back next [E]morning

And [D7]what she said to me was [G]this:


[G]When the groc’ry man puts sand in the sugar

The milkman makes milk out of [D7]chalk

Boys stay home with their mothers

Women forget how to [G]talk

When the ocean turns into corn whiskey

The railroad runs under the [C]sea

And the man in the moon comes [G]down in a [E]balloon

Then [D7]darling, I’ll come home to [G]thee.




[G]I sat down and wrote her another

Sealed it with my [C]fist

The answer was [G]mailed next [E]morning

And [D7]what I said to her was [G]this:


[G]When the moon turns into an apple

And a rainbow turns into a [D7]vine 

They build a steeple to heaven

The stars they all fail to [G]shine

When the ocean turns into rye whiskey

Makes glasses to see the [C]wind

When the girls quit using [G]powder and [E]paint

Then [D7]darling, I’ll ask you [G] again