Milwaukee Blues

Charlie Poole, originally a song by Furry Lewis called Kassie Jones.

[D]Late last Tuesday it [G]looked like rain

R[A7]ound the curve come a passenger train

[D]Ridin’ that train was [G]old Bill Jones

A [D]good old hobo t[A7]ryin’ to get [D]home

Tryin’ to get [G]home, he’s tryin’ to get [D]home

He’s a good old hobo [A7]tryin’ to get [D]home


[D]Way down in Georgia [G]on a tramp

[A7]Roads are gettin’ muddy and my legs are gettin’ damp

I [D]got to catch a freight train [G]leavin’ this town

‘[D]Cause they don’t like no hobos [A7]a-hangin’ [D]around

Hanging [G]around, just hanging [D]around 

They don’t like no hobos [A7]a-hanging [D]around


[D]I left Atlanta one [G]morning ‘fore day

[A7]The brakeman said, “You’ll have to pay.”

[D]I had no money but I [G]pawned my shoes

[D]I want to go west, got the [A7]Milwaukee [D]blues

Got the Milwaukee [G]blues, got the Milwaukee [D]blues,

I wanna go west got the [A7]Milwaukee [D]blues


[D]Old Bill Jones said [G]before he died,

There’s a [A7]few more things that I’d like to ride,

[D]A bicycle a tricycle an [G]automobile,

[D]A bow legged woman and a [A7]ferris [D]wheel

Ferris [G]wheel, a Ferris [D]wheel,

A bow legged woman and a [A7]Ferris [D]wheel


[D]Old Bill Jones said [G]before he died,

“[A7]Fix the roads so the folks can ride

[D]When they ride they will [G]ride the rods

[D]Put all their trust in the [A7]hands of [D]God.”

In the hands of [G]God, in the hands of [D]God,

Put all their trust in the [A7]hands of [D]God


[D]Old Bill Jones said [G]before he died

[A7]There’s two more roads that he’d like to ride

[D]Fireman said what [G]can it be?

[D]Southern Pacific and the [A7]Santa [G]Fee

The Santa [G]Fee, the Santa [D]Fee, 

Southern Pacific and the [A7]Santa [D]Fee


AKA: Jay Gould’s Daughter

The blind is an enclosed box behind the coal car where crews sleep