Jesse James

Traditional, As by Kenny Brown

This is an alteranative version, with a slightly different melodi, showing the good side of Mr. James.

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Capo at 2th Fret = A

I [G]went down to the station, not [C]many days ago

[G]Did something that I’ll never do [D]again

[G]Got down on my knees, as [C]levered up the keys

To [G]Frank and his [D]brother Jesse James[G]


Now [C]Jesse leaves a wife, she’s a [G]mourner all her life

And the children yeah you know that they were [D]brave

But the [G]dirty little covard, who [C]shot mister Howard

Has [G]layed poor [D]Jesse in his [G]grave

Now [G]Jesse was a man and [C]friend to the poor

[G]He would never see a man suffer [D]pain

Now [G]with his brother Frank they [C]robbed the Chicago bank

And tog[G]heter they [D]robbed the Glendale [G]train

Now the [G]people in the west, when they [C]heard of Jesses death,

They [G]wondered how he came to [D]die

It was [G]for a pistol ball, brought him [C]tumbling from the wall

And [G]layed poor [D]Jesse down to [G]die


Now [G]Jesse goes to rest with his [C]hands upon his brest

And the [G]devil will be upon his [D]knee

He was [G]born one day, in the [C]county of Clay

And he [G]came from a [D]solitary [G]race


Now the [G]song it was made, by [C]Billy deShade

As [G]soon as the news did [D]arrive

It [G]said there was no man, with the [C]law in his hand

Who could [G]ever take [D]Jesse when a[G]live


Poor [C]Jesse had a wife who [G]mourned for his life

Three children – they were [D]brave

But that [G]dirty little coward who [C]shot Mister Howard

Has [G]laid poor [D]Jesse in his [G]grave