Crow Jane

Carl Martin, sung by Skip James


Crow [E]Jane, Crow Janie, Crow [B7]Jane,

[A]don’t you hold your head high,

[E]Someday, Baby,

you [B7]know you got to [E]die.

You got to [B7]lay down

and, [E]  you got to [B7]die,

you got to [E]


[E]And I want to buy me a [B7]pistol,

[A]wolf me forty rounds of ball,

[E]Shoot Crow Jane [B7]just to see her [E]fall.

She got to [B7]fall,

she got to, [E]

she got to [B7]fall, she got to [E]



You [E]know I begged Crow [B7]Jane,

[A]not to hold her head too high,

[E]Someday, Baby, [B7]you know you got to [E]die.

You got to [B7]lay down,

and, [E]  you got to [B7]die,

you got to [E]


And I [E]dug her a [B7]grave,

[A]with a silver spade,

[E]Ain’t nobody going to

[B7]take my Crow Jane’s [E]place.

no [B7]you can’t take her,

[E]no you [B7]can’t take her [E]


(Repeat Chorus)


You [E]know I let her [B7]down,

[A]with a golden chain,

And [E]every link I would

[B7]call my Crow Jane’s [E]name.

Crow [B7]Jane, Crow, [E]  Crow

[B7]Jane, Crow [E]


You know [E]I never missin’ my [B7]water,

[A]til my well ran dry,

Didn’t [E]miss Crow Jane

[B7]until the day she [E]died.

til the [B7]day,

she, [E]  til the [B7]day, she [E]


(Repeat Chorus)


You [E]know I dug her [B7]grave,

[A]eight feet in the ground,

[E]Didn’t feel sorry [B7]til

they let her [E]down.

they [B7]had to, [E]  let her down,

they [B7]had, to let her [E]down,