Black Peter



[Verse 1]

[A7]All of my friends come to[D7] see me last night

[A7]I was layin’ in my bed and [D7]dyin’ 

[Em]Annie Bon-nea[Bm]u from [A]St. [G]An-[F#m]gel,

Say th[Em]e weather down here so [D7]fine. [A7]

[Verse 2]

[A7]Just then the wind came s[D7]quallin’ through the door,

[A7]But who can the weather com[D7]mand?

[Em]Just want to [Bm]have a [A]little peace [G]to [F#m]die,

And a[Em] friend or two I love at [D7]hand. [A7]

[Verse 3]

[A7]Fever roll up to a[D7] hundred and five,

[A7]Roll on up, gonna roll back[D7] down

[Em]One more [Bm]day I [A]find [G]myself [F#m]alive,

Tom[Em]orrow maybe go beneath the [D7]ground. [D7]


C                       D/Em

See here how everything lead up to this day,

[Dm]And it’s just like [Am]any other day [Em]that’s ever been.

[D]Sun comin’ [G]up and then [C]the sun [Em]goin’ [Am]down.

[F]Shine through my window and my [C]friends they come [D]around,

Come [Dm]around, come [F]around. [A7]

[Verse 5]

[A7]The people might know, but the [D7]people don’t care,

[A7]That a man can be as poor as [D7]me.

[Em]Take a look at poor [Bm]Peter, he’s [A]ly-[G]ing in[F#m] pain,

[Em]Now let’s go run and[D7] see.


[D7]Run and see

[(D7)]Run and see

[(D7)]Run, run and see

[(D7)]Yeah, run and see