Something I Ate

H.P. Lange


Mama, mama, come to me quick

Mama, I feel so dog gone sick

Won’t you call up the doctor please, make him come on by

Bring me some medicine, Oh I don’t want to die.

Mama, mama, come to my bed

Mamma, need you to cool my head

I don’t recall what happened here, know I came in late

I ain’t got a number(?), must be something that I ate.

Mama, mama, I want to get this straight

Mama, I only hope it ain’t too late

I try to be given(?), don’t know what to say

Need to see the river run, before I pass away.


Mama, mama , please do me one thing more

Mama, swear I ain’t felt like this before

Won’t you run to the liquor store, bring me some wine

Feel kind of tough being sober while I’m dying.

I need a little drink, mamma,

And I won’t be pleased before

I feel a little better now, guess maybe it ain’t time.

Come to me, mamma, I got something on my mind

I got something on my mind.